Application Development

Eldarion® is one of the leading Web agencies in the Python space and our favourite projects involve helping people to bring their idea to launch.

There are a few things that set us apart from most web agencies:

We don’t just use the best tools, we help build the best tools.

Eldarion® is built on open source and its team members are core developers of a range of open source projects including Django, Pinax and many individual Django apps. Wherever possible, we open source components of our web sites and love working with clients that allow us to open source parts of our work for them.

We build and run our own web sites.

Eldarion® is not just an agency. We are building a business around a number of sites of our own and through joint ventures with other firms. We understand better than most the priorities and challenges of building a business around a web application.

We also have experience building iOS apps that integrate with APIs on Django-based sites we’ve built.

Our Approach

We understand that your requirements may change from day-to-day. It’s a waste of your time and our time to argue over whether something is "in scope". You need developers who can prototype quickly and who can adapt to rapid change. Our whole approach is designed to facilitate this.

You buy blocks of time from us then instruct us week-to-week how they should be spent. For example, you might buy 20 hours and ask us to build an initial prototype. Then buy 100 hours to get a minimum viable product to launch. If half way through those 100 hours the requirements change: no problem.

We use GitHub as our code host, Trello for tracking progress on stories and Gondor for rapid deployment of prototypes and development branches at every stage.