Discovery Workshop

A key to getting your development effort underway in a sound manner is getting to the heart of what you want to build.

A little investment up front goes a long way in a successful project.

We will convert your ideas into actionable stories

A good user story communicates to a developer the proper context of the piece of the system that they are building. It also clarifies acceptance criteria to reduce unnecessary iterative rework. In addition, it gives the client a framework to start thinking through how the system will be used by real users.

We will discover just enough to make a healthy start

The Internet continues to accelerate the pace of change every single day. In our experience detailed plans past the first 3–6 weeks of development will likely never happen. We want your development project to start off well but not be over planned. Ideally, we plan out what is needed to get you to MVP, but in some cases the MVP might even be too large.

The goal with the Discovery Workshop is to leave you with a solid 3–6 weeks of development effort. Once the project is going, stories can and should be written, and added to the backlog on an on-going basis.

It’s Your Backlog

We will develop the backlog of user stories together, but it is your backlog. While we would hope that this effort would lead into Eldarion® providing the development work to implement the stories for you, we understand that each client has their own needs. The backlog is yours and is the main deliverable from the workshop to do with it as you please.