Engineering Mentoring

Eldarion® is fortunate to be made up of world-class engineers who are not only good coders but who have a heart to teach others.

An Eldarion® mentor can help you grow today

Engineering Processes

We can help you setup, implement, manage, and maintain good engineering processes to keep your team humming in the most efficient manner possible.

Individual Coaching

Sometimes it helps to have a more seasoned engineer around to ask questions, provide advice, review some code. We will tailor to the individual to help you grow while engaged in real world work.

On Going and Practical

Whether you need a development mentor, an engineering management mentor, or both, we can structure the content to match your needs.

Practically speaking, these take the form of a monthly subscription. You can cancel at anytime so there is not a long term commitment, however, the longer we are engaged the more fruitful our consultations can be. During the subscription, you will receive:

  • Weekly calls
  • Access via email to your mentor (or team of mentors)
  • Periodic code reviews
  • Monthly summary report which will include advice on areas for improvement