Lean Coaching

Eldarion® has helped many startups launch through through coaching them through a Lean Startup approach.

Let us help you bring your ideas to life.

Without a plan, efforts can easily be wasted.

The first thing we do is discuss your overall vision. From there we discuss how we might structure arriving at that vision in increments. Starting with the first increment that we’ll call your MVP, or Minimum Viable Product.

The MVP is the smallest thing that can possibly be built in which early adopters would be willing to pay for.

Discovering customers to help drive your vision forward.

When building the MVP, one critical component to put into place are the right hooks to capture the data necessary to understand more about your early customers. Usage patterns, features that are missing that are desired, features present that are not desired, etc.

Some of this will involve surveying users, interviewing them directly, or aggregating usage metrics. We will incorporate this data as feedback to help tune, not change, your vision to be in line with what customers are wanting and willing to pay for.

Pivot, or not to Pivot?

The customer discovery process could very well lead you to determine that a new product or service that originally envisioned might have a higher chance of early profits and/or at a larger scale. Part of the challenge at this stage is discerning when you should pivot towards something with a higher chance of success or stick with refining your original vision.

This can be a very emotional decision and very difficult to see objectively. We can leverage our years of experience with lots of different startups providing our intuition and objectivity, in helping making this critical decision in the life of your startup.