Team Building

At Eldarion®, we value a strong team above having individual rockstars. We have helped to build some very strong teams and would love to help you as well.

A strong team is greater than the sum of its parts.

Development Mentoring

Our team can be a mentoring resource for your new team. We can provide code reviews (in our experience, this is the fastest and best way to grow). In addition, we can help coach the team on best practices for working together, the soft skills that any solid team needs to succeed.

Candidate Evaluation

While we are not recruiters and nor do we want to get into becoming a staffing agency, we have been around the block a few times in the area of hiring. Once you have a candidate you are considering, we can help you evaluate them through reviewing code on their GitHub account, interviewing them on your behalf, and helping you to discern if they’ll be a good team player.

On Going and Practical

Whether you need a development mentor or help with evaluating candidates to build your team, we can provide a lifeline of support.

Practically speaking, this engagement takes the form of a monthly subscription. You can cancel at anytime so there is not a long term commitment, however, the longer we are engaged the more fruitful our consultations can be. During the subscription, you will receive:

Development Mentoring

  • Weekly calls
  • Access via email to your mentor (or team of mentors)
  • Periodic code reviews
  • Monthly summary report which will include advice on areas for improvement.

Team Building / Candidate Evaluation

  • Weekly candidate reviews
  • Weekly calls
  • Monthly summary report