From Idea to Launch. Faster.

Since 2009, the team at Eldarion have been helping people get from idea to launch faster.

We develop tools, apps and websites for clients around the world, ranging from established media companies to individuals with an entrepreneurial vision.

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Open source is at the heart of Eldarion. Our team members lead or contribute to a range of projects including Python, Django, Pinax and many individual Django apps.

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We don't just use the best tools to go from idea to launch, we help write them.

Want us to help you take your idea to launch faster?

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Serious Python and Django hosting for startups, agencies and individuals.

Eldarion designed Gondor for people who want to deploy their Python sites early and often. Whether it's feature branches in development deployed for review and testing, or a multi-server dedicated production stack, Gondor frees you up to focus on your site, not your infrastructure.

"Gondor is by far the most seamless hosting solution I've ever used. Thanks for such a great product, guys!"
— Alexis Santos



Make a habit of it.

Habitualist is a great way of tracking the things you want to do on a regular basis, the things you want to turn into habits.

Set up your recurring tasks and Habitualist will prioritize your next actions based on your targets and how you’ve been doing.

Unlike most todo apps, Habitualist can handle variably-recurring tasks like “floss two times a day”, “blog every 2-4 days”, “workout 3 times a week”.

Check off when you do things and track your progress over time. Try to beat your streaks and grow your HabitScore™.

Habitualist can send reminders via email or Twitter direct message. Reminders are customizable down to the individual action.

“Habitualist is by far the best habit tracker on the planet! No exaggeration!”
— Uma Rani



Optimized Online Learning with Flashcards

Quisition is a browser-based flashcard system that repeats old cards and introduces new ones at optimal time intervals. You can create your own card packs or use those developed by others.

Flashcard Library

Language, geography, history, biology and more! Quisition has thousands of cards in thousands of packs for you to learn from, with more being added every day. As well as our extensive library, you can add your own.

Space Repetition

Quisition uses spaced repetition for optimal memory retention but goes beyond the common Leitner approach with adaptive intervals attuned to you and the content you're studying. As you learn, so does Quisition.

"This is the most effective way to learn vocabulary that I have ever seen."
— Chris Engelsma, Director of Distance Learning,
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary


Other Sites of Our Own


typewar is an addictive font recognition game that pits your typeface knowledge against that of others. Can you tell the difference between Helvetica and Arial, Gill Sans and Garamond?


My Techne

My Techne is a site for recording, sharing and reminiscing about your technology usage history. What was your first computer? Which programming languages did you learn, and when?



KodeNode is a collection of code snippets (or “nodes”) for people to translate into different programming languages or improve in the same language.


Cats or Dogs

Do you prefer cats or dogs? Boxers or briefs? Margarine or butter? This site asks your preferences and discovers interesting correlations.



Somewhere in between Twitter and a blog, ThoughtStreams captures and publishes your ideas, notes, experiments, thoughts and observations.