• grew from 2 full-time employees to 5 (augmented with a great team of contractors)
  • raised $500k in angel funding
  • developed the backend for DjangoCon 2011, the full site for PyCon 2012 and open sourced the code as Symposion for other conferences to use
  • released open-source Django apps such as agon, agon-ratings, anafero, dialogos, django-boxes, django-chunked-uploads, django-partitions, django-reminders, kairios, kaleo, mailout, marturion, metron, phileo and user_messages (all of which came out of either client work or our own sites)
  • launched Gondor, now used for hosting hundreds of Django sites around the world
  • partnered with Rackspace (initially in their Cloud Tools Program but most recently as a Silver Partner)
  • developed a new site, KodeNode, currently in private beta
  • launched Typewar Quests
  • ran another Apple Predictions for the October 2011 Special Event
  • launched a complete redesign of Quisition
  • and one more thing we'll be announcing on January 3rd (now see Arnor)

Thanks again to our customers, clients, users and and all our supporters. I think 2012 is going to be a very exciting year at Eldarion!

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