Brian Rosner is a core contributor to both Django and Pinax and was involved in Pinax from the first day it went beyond just being one person. I'm thrilled he's now joined Eldarion full time.

As co-host of This Week in Django and soon Django Dose, Brian is instantly recognizable as one of the "voices" of the Django community. I first met Brian at PyCon 2008 and along with a bunch of other people, we worked together on the famous Memorial Day Weekend sprint in 2008 that really kick-started Pinax.

Brian continued to contribute to Pinax and is now the project's most active committer. I shared my idea for Eldarion with him early on and managed to get him hooked. There was no doubt right from the start that I wanted to work with Brian. One of the great things about an open source project is you get to see if you work well together. No résumé, reference or job interview can tell you that. The clincher for me was the discovery that Brian can actually read my mind with about 87% accuracy (a phenomenon we call "566" due to the fact we share the same number of letters in each of our names)

Brian has been doing some part-time work with us for a while now, but it's really exciting to have him on board full time. As well as serving as tech lead on most of our client and in-house projects, Brian will also be responsible for running our hosting infrastructure. He'll be blogging about all of that here, so stay tuned.