Making Use of Scoped Styles in Vue

There are a lot of way to handling styling your Vue project. Making use of single-file components with scoped style has made life a lot easier.
Patrick Altman22 July, 2020

Recap of PyGotham 2019

PyGotham 2019 took place at Hotel Penn in New York City last fall. While sheltering-in-place, Eldarion’s Katherine Michel looked back at the wonderful experience she had there and looks forward to returning to a conference and city she loves.
Katherine Michel20 July, 2020

Keep Your Vue Apps Fresh

Your JavaScript can become stale between releases of a backend that changes the API. Here is one strategy to avoid client errors.
Patrick Altman21 April, 2020

How Eldarion Works Remotely

For 11 years, Eldarion has operated as a “virtual” company. We have no offices and no two people work in the same location. Most people work from their homes.
James Tauber13 March, 2020

Recap of Django US 2019

DjangoCon US 2019 took place at Mission Valley Marriott in sunny San Diego from September 22-27. Eldarion’s Katherine Michel shared some insight into what that experience was like and what's on the horizon for Django!
Katherine Michel28 October, 2019

Building a Scaife Viewer Quickly

After building the Scaife Viewer as the next generation reading environment for the Perseus Digital Library back on March 15, 2018, we have been thinking a lot about how to enable others to quickly build readers based on the same underlying technology.
Patrick Altman10 June, 2019

Recap of PyCon US 2019

PyCon US 2019 took place at Huntington Convention Center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio from May 1-10. Eldarion’s Katherine Michel wrote about what it was like to experience PyCon US for the first time!
Katherine Michel1 June, 2019

Loading Global Vue Components

When building Vue apps, we will invariably have components that are pretty generic and don’t fit within any one feature area. For these type of components we create a global registry so they are available throughout the application.
Patrick Altman23 October, 2018

Using vue-devtools with Safari and Django

The vue-devtools is a fantastic browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that give you direct access to component tree, state snapshots, and events. It dramatically increases developer productivity. The only problem is it won't run in Safari.
Patrick Altman16 October, 2018

Setup Guide to Django + Vue with Webpack

For a long time now we’ve used Browserify for our bundling and a bunch of different npm scripts to manage other aspects of our static pipeline. The more we started doing with Vue, the more it became obvious the need to move to Webpack.
Patrick Altman9 October, 2018

Presentation on the Scaife Viewer for the Perseus Digital Library

Last month, Eldarion launched the new Scaife Viewer for the Perseus Digital Library. Yesterday, I gave an online talk on the project, as part of the SunoikisisDC series of seminars on Digital Classics.
James Tauber27 April, 2018

Countdown to the Perseus 5.0 “Scaife” Launch

Eldarion is helping build the next version of Perseus.
James Tauber6 February, 2018