Eldarion Overview

Since 2009 the EldarionĀ® team of web application development experts has been helping our clients get from idea to launch faster.

We have worked on over 100 projects with a wide variety of clients ranging from small startups to hospitals and from large media companies to major research universities. We have taken many ideas from initial conception to prototyping through to launch and ongoing production and maintenance.

Since its founding, Eldarion has helped drive forward open source projects such as the Pinax Project and has contributed to projects such as the Django web framework and the Python programming language. Our skills span the entire software stack and application lifecycle.

While our clients have come from diverse industries and sectors, we have particular expertise and experience in education and digital humanities.

We led the open sourcing of the OpenEdX massively open online course platform (Harvard & MIT), helped develop a learning management system for Massachusetts General Hospital and built language learning tools for historical languages (Harvard). We also developed the School Improvement Planning solution to give state education departments, districts and schools access to data to inform and drive decisions around educational planning.

We have undertaken multiple major grant-funded digital humanities projects, working alongside scholars from universities in North America and Europe. We built and launched the Scaife Viewer for the Perseus Digital Library (Tufts) and continue to support the growing community of projects built on Scaife for both universities and scholarly publishers.