Whether it’s acquiring new knowledge, a new skill, or even in some cases improving physical health, we are passionate about accelerating human potential.

Wine Study

This is an app with a number of quizzes and learning tools to help study for your wine certification, built as a platform that can be quickly retooled for other content domains.


Building habits is a proven technique for small incremental improvements but it’s also hard to do. Most tools focus on streaks that if broken can completely crush moral and motivation. We take a different approach with a Habit Score along with a very flexible system of recurring actions.

Practice Now

As a coach or instructor, your most successful students will be those who have a bit of agency in the structure of their practice. Practice Now is a platform where coaches and build up a catalog of drills that can be scored and students can build out their own practice sessions from the catalog and report on progress.


In weightlifting, knowing your maximum effort for a lift, called a 1-Rep-Max, is critical in any type of programming designed to increase strength over time. However, testing for a 1RM is very taxing and can be dangerous. Using peer reviewed science, we can calculate a 1RM based on how many repetitions you can perform a lift and also track your progress over time.