We are enriching scholarship through online tooling and open source software.

Digital Humanities

We are a leading provider of professional software development for digital humanities and, in particular, digital philology.

Eldarion has undertaken multiple major grant-funded digital humanities projects, working alongside scholars from universities in North America and Europe.

Eldarion built and launched the Scaife Viewer for the Perseus Digital Library and continues to support the growing community of projects built on Scaife.

Memberships & Standards

We are active participants in digital projects such as Open Greek and Latin. Our team includes members of the TEI Consortium and Unicode Consortium and of learned societies such as the Society for Classical Studies, the Linguistic Society of America, and the Society of Biblical Languages.

The Scaife Viewer Project

The Scaife Viewer was originally designed as the first phase of work towards the next generation of the Perseus Digital Library. This work can be seen at scaife.perseus.org.

We are now working on the next iteration of the open source project with a couple of prototypes including Explore Homer which brings together various levels of analysis of Homer, and SV Mini which shows a variety of texts, including Apostolic Fathers, with some analysis but not as deep as Explore Homer nor as broad as the entire Perseus Digital Library.

The Digital Sirah Project

The Digital Sirah Project (DSP) is a Qatar National Library digital humanities project that puts the Sira of the Prophet as written by Ibn Ishaq in an online reading environment built around Scaife Viewer.