This blog is about Eldarion and our thoughts on business and technical topics.

We figure some people will be interested in the business side of things and some will be interested in the technical side of things. We hope some of you might be interested in both. And so you can read either just the technical posts, just the business posts or the combined blog. Regardless of which you decide to follow, you'll get general company news.

In the business posts, I hope to give a candid look at how we got started, our approach to finance, marketing and business development, how we're doing and what our plans are for the future. In the technical posts, my technical team and I will talk about the technical parts of our operation including lots of stuff about Pinax and Django (as well as other relevant topics such as source code control, databases, testing, deployment, monitoring and more)

So we hope you'll subscribe to one of our feeds and follow along with us in our attempts to build an awesome company.