DjangoCon is the conference for Django and will be held September 8–12th in Portland, Oregon. Eldarion is proud to be a silver sponsor.

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The first DjangoCon was last year and I said of it at the time: “quite possibly the best conference I've been to (and I've been to a lot)”. I also had the pleasure of attending and speaking at EuroDjangoCon earlier this year in Prague and it continued the fine tradition also adding sprints which were a great success for Pinax.

The September 2009 DjangoCon in Portland will feature multiple talks on Pinax as well as a sprint. Both myself and Brian Rosner will be attending on behalf of Eldarion.

Rob Lofthouse, Siu Design and the volunteers involved put on a great conference so I really do recommend you try to attend if you're involved or interested in Django in any way.