One thing on our home page that has gotten a lot of interest is our mention of "co-productions" so I thought I'd explain a little about our vision there.

The Eldarion home page currently says:

"If you are developing a Pinax-based website you think has commercial potential but worry you don't have the time or expertise to do it on your own, we'd love to talk with you about whether it's something we might want to work on with you as a co-production."

What does that mean?

Basically, if either someone brings expertise to a site we're building or we can bring expertise to a site they are building (one with commercial potential) we're interested in seeing if we can work on it together. This is particular true if your expertise involves a good understanding of a particular community and an ability to spread the word about the site within that community. If you're a designer or a developer just looking for some extra help or support, that's good too, but at least one party needs to have a good understanding of the community the site is trying to serve.

We can also do hybrids between contracting and co-production where we get paid a smaller amount for development and hosting in exchange for part ownership or revenue sharing. This is generally preferred at this stage as our time is tight and paying customers get priority over our own site development.

Here are some questions we ask when people approach us about doing a co-production:

are we passionate about the idea too?

do both sides bring something valuable to the table?

is it a site that can grow organically without a large number of users joining before it becomes useful?

can we increment slowly on it given our current schedule of fully paying clients?

If you still think you might be interested, let us know!