Eldarion is teaming up with OSWCO to promote open source Django and Pinax solutions at the Bank Administration Institute Retail Delivery show in Boston this week.

Eldarion has a number of partnerships in the works to bring Django and Pinax to different industry verticals where we don't necessarily have the expertise in-house.

The first of these is with [[http://oswco.com/|OSWCO]], a new company focused on bringing open source solutions to the banking industry. OSWCO has developed a prototype open source teller system called BOSS which is built on Django and Pinax.

OSWCO and Eldarion will be sharing a booth at the Bank Administration Institute's Retail Delivery Expo in Boston this week. As well as OSWCO demoing the BOSS prototype, we'll both be promoting the use of Python, Django, Pinax and open source in general.

You can find out more about what we're up to on the [[http://oswco.com/2009/oct/24/oswco-and-eldarion-exhibit-national-banking-show/|OSWCO blog]].

Having worked in enterprise software for ten years prior to founding Eldarion, I've seen firsthand just how little many enterprises are aware of open source alternatives to the technology platforms they use. While Linux and some Apache technologies have made strong inroads, I think there's a real opportunity up the stack with Python, Django and Pinax.