What did Eldarion get up to in 2010?

  • grew from 3 people to 15
  • correspondingly increased our consulting revenue 5x as well
  • launched the iPhone version of [[http://typewar.com|typewar]]
  • received over 2,000,000 page views on [[http://typewar.com|typewar.com]] including multiple 50,000+ days
  • launched [[http://lostpredictions.com|LOST Predictions]] and [[http://apple.dyaso.com|Apple Predictions]] based on the nascent [[http://dyaso.com|dyaso]] product
  • launched [[http://mytechne.com/|MyTechne]] for tracking your technology history
  • built an internal microblogging, status and time tracking product called Beacon that will hopefully one day be productized
  • developed the website for DjangoCon 2010
  • started work on our community site [[http://fellowship.eldarion.com]]
  • developed the website for [[http://us.pycon.org/2011|PyCon 2011]]
  • started our first co-production (still in stealth)
  • relaunched [[http://cats-or-dogs.com|Cats or Dogs]]
  • started work on [[http://confindr.com|confindr]] and [[http://habitualist.com|habitualist]] both of which will launch in 2011
  • rewrote, relaunched and started enhancing [[http://quisition.com|Quisition]], the site that started [[http://pinaxproject.com|Pinax]] in the first place
  • started work on our first commercial [[http://pinaxproject.com|Pinax]] starter project, to be announced soon
  • released open-source Django apps such as [[http://github.com/eldarion/biblion|biblion]], [[http://github.com/eldarion/django-oauth-access|django-oauth-access]], [[http://github.com/eldarion/mimesis|mimesis]], [[http://github.com/eldarion/idios|idios]], [[http://github.com/eldarion/agora|agora]], [[http://github.com/eldarion/aiteo|aiteo]], [[http://github.com/eldarion/brabeion|brabeion]] and [[http://github.com/eldarion/django-contacts-import|django-contacts-import]] with a bunch more on the way
  • built out our hosting infrastructure, [[http://gondor.io|Gondor]], which currently hosts all our own sites and many of our clients and will soon be productized

Thanks to our users, our clients and all our supporters. Here's to an awesome New Year!