As always, most of the Eldarion Team will be at PyCon this year. It's going to be a pretty big event for us.

===The Website===

Eldarion is proud to have built the [[|PyCon website]] this year. The code is open source and available at [[]]


Eldarion is a Gold Sponsor this year, promoting our hosting solution [[|Gondor]].

===Startup Row===

We've been chosen for [[|Startup Row]], promoting our own sites like [[|Quisition]] and [[|My Techne]] as well as talking about [[|Gondor]] and our agency work.

===Pinax Solutions Tutorial===

Brian Rosner, Tech Lead and Steward of Gondor is presenting the [[|Pinax Solutions]] tutorial with Danny Greenfeld.

===Pinax Sprint===

Much of the team will be at PyCon through the sprints as well and we'll be [[|sprinting]] on [[|Pinax]] and [[|various Django apps]] we've developed and open-sourced over the last year.


If you're a fan of [[|Eldarion]], [[|Gondor]], [[|Quisition]], [[|Typewar]], [[|My Techne]] or [[|Cats or Dogs]], be sure to pick up some of our buttons. We'll be handing them out at various times during the conference. Wear them with pride, trade them with other attendees, try to collect all six!

See you in Atlanta!