We're looking to expand our team of contractors that help us to build great Django sites for our clients.

Our clients are mostly startups with complex web applications. Both freelancers and moonlighters are welcome to join us. You'd be expected to be available 10-20 hours a week but we're open to people who want more as well.

Members of our team don't just work on a single project; depending on your hours you may work on 2-3 different projects at a time. And this is not a fixed duration gig; you can work with us indefinitely. You'll have an opportunity to contribute to Pinax and the Django ecosystem and your Leidel number will almost certainly drop to 2 if not 1. Contracting with us may eventually lead to full-time employment opportunities (all our full-time employees started off as part-time contractors)

Strong Django experience and familiarity with git are required. You can work anywhere but should have decent overlap with US east coast time. Most of our communication is via IRC.

If you're interested, [[mailto:jobs@eldarion.com|email jobs@eldarion.com]] with a link to any relevant github projects and a description of any other Django work you've done.