In the last few months, we've open sourced a lot more of our Django apps and contributed them to the [[|Pinax ecosystem]].

These apps all came out of either sites of our own or sites we've built for clients that understand the benefits of open source. We hope they're useful to others as well.

  • agon — points, positions and levels
  • agon-ratings — ratings
  • anafero — referrals
  • dialogos — flaggable comments
  • django-boxes — database-driven regions on webpages
  • django-chunked-uploads — HTML5 chunked uploading
  • django-intercom-io — adding to your Django site
  • django-partitions — partitioning querysets based on indexed Q expressions in settings
  • django-reminders — user reminders
  • kairios — utilities for publishing events as a calendar
  • kaleo — user to user join invitation
  • mailout — templated mail campaigns based on customizable queries
  • marturion — testimonials
  • metron — analytics and metrics integration
  • phileo — liking
  • user_messages — allowing users of your site to send messages to each other

You can find a complete list of our open source software on our [[|Open Source]] page.

We have also set up a GitHub page at [[]] that is directly generated from our various repositories on GitHub.

We are available to do customizations of any of these plus develop any other apps your Django site may need. Contact [[|]] to find out more.