Our leading Django hosting service, Gondor, is no longer just for Django.

We built Gondor initially for our own hosting needs. It rapidly became an invaluable part of the way we develop and test our own sites as well as the sites we develop for clients. To this day, we're not aware of anything else that provides the same consideration for teams and development across all phases of the site development lifecycle. Last year we made Gondor available for all Django developers.

Because the sites we build are Django and we know Django //very// well, our initial focus for Gondor was Django hosting. Of course, you're never just dealing with one technology. We use Django, PostgreSQL, Celery, Redis, Solr, etc and so Gondor has long supported all of those. But Django itself is just Python and specifically a Python WSGI application. So we've been working the last couple of months to make Gondor available not just for Django hosting but generic WSGI hosting. We released support for this in Gondor 1.1 last week.

That means that Gondor can now host any WSGI application. Gondor is now available for all //Python// developers.

That's not all that Gondor 1.1 provides. Another amazing new feature is the interactive run command that lets you work with command-line interfaces on the server interactively. Check out the [[https://gondor.io/blog/2012/06/19/gondor-11-launched/|Gondor 1.1 Launched]] blog post for details of this and more.

And there's a lot more great stuff planned for the coming months including zero downtime deployments and a [[https://gondor.io/uk/|UK datacenter]].