Last week we launched two new paid sites and we're taking a different approach to each of them. We also celebrated an anniversary.

=== Habitualist ===

[[|Habitualist]] is our action-tracking, habit-building site.

The idea was conceived of a number of years ago but work on this incarnation only began in January this year. We started a beta only a couple of weeks after development commenced but it ended up being a fairly lengthy private beta with over 1,000 people involved.

During the private beta, people used the site for tracking all sorts of things from fitness activities to open source contributions and from replacing batteries to staying in touch with distant friends.

Now the rubber hits the road and we'll see if monthly subscriptions will sustain continuing development on the site. We still have lots more planned.

[[|Sign up for a free trial!]]

=== ThoughtStreams ===

[[|ThoughtStreams]] is a new publishing platform that has been described as "a micro-blog for every idea" or "a pinterest for your thoughts".

Sitting somewhere between a blog and twitter, ThoughtStreams is designed to be a low-friction way for you to capture your thoughts and ideas and continue to riff on them.

Like Habitualist, the idea is few years old. Unlike Habitualist, though, we're skipping the private beta and launching it as a paid service after only two weeks. This approach is something very new for us but we're really excited to see there are already people that are embracing the vision of where the site could go and helping to fund it along the way.

=== Gondor ===

Last week was also the one year anniversary of our hosting platform, [[|Gondor]] which hosts not only Habitualist and ThoughtsStream but hundreds of other sites. We're continuing to work to make Gondor the best hosting solution for Python and Django. Brian Rosner has a great post on [[|Gondor's First Year and the Year Ahead]].