Even though we're normally busy working away in our respective home offices, the team does occasionally get out to promote open source, entrepreneurship and what we're up to.

Tonight, Luke is talking about open source at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky (host of the recent Vice Presidential Debate).

Patrick has been mentoring at the Jumpstart Foundry in Nashville and has written a great article [[http://jumpstartfoundry.com/2012/10/18/open-source/|5 Reasons to Consider Open Source]] over at their blog.

Eldarion has been selected to demo at the [[http://bostonbeta.org/|Boston Beta :: Open Source Edition]] next Thursday and I'll be there representing the company.

And on October 30th, Brian will be [[http://www.meetup.com/boulder-django/events/85525312/|talking about Gondor]] at the Django Meetup in Boulder.