The small javascript plugin, bootstrap-ajax, has been one of our more popular open source contributions. In addition to documentation explaining it's use, there is now an online demo to see it in action.

A couple months ago, I [[|announced bootstrap-ajax]] on my personal blog. Since then we have received a number of questions about how to use it in various scenarios. There is some documentation on how to use it but sometimes seeing actual code and having a live demo can make things a bit easier and faster to understand.

With that in mind, we created this [[|simple demo]] that allows you to create tasks, mark them done and undone, as well as delete them. It's essentially a single-page app that leverages most of [[|bootstrap-ajax]]'s functionality. The demo is recording your actions in the database (you can refresh and see that they are still there), but it's based on your session so once your session expires, or you change browsers you won't have access to the data.

The demo is of course open source as well and can be found at [[|]].