On Sunday afternoon, kaleo 1.0 was released and while it was feature complete, updates were made that were not backward compatible in an effort to make things cleaner and more consistent with other Pinax apps.

Over the past months, we have been consolidating our AJAX interfaces to work with [[http://github.com/eldarion/bootstrap-ajax|bootstrap-ajax]]. The nice thing about doing this is that it doesn't lock you into using our popular AJAX library as the views that are compatible with bootstrap-ajax, just return JSON. However, if you do use bootstrap-ajax, oftentimes you'll pick up full AJAX support simply by having the script include for the library.

The biggest change in [[http://github.com/eldarion/kaleo|kaleo 1.0]] from 0.4 was the rewriting of the single view that is in the app to return JSON that is structured with bootstrap-ajax in mind.

Some other more minor changes:

  • strings in included templates were wrapped for translation
  • the {{{remaining_invites}}} template tag was replaced with {{{invites_remaining}}} as an inclusion tag.
  • validation logic that was all nested in the view was abstracted out to live as part of the form.
  • urls in the included templates were made Django 1.5 compatible

You can find more apps as well as starter projects and themes at [[http://pinaxproject.com|http://pinaxproject.com]].