There are two forms of timers that eldarion-ajax exposes via a couple of data attributes. The first is Javascript's setTimeout which executes once after a delay. The other is setInterval which repeatedly executes at a prescribed interval of time.

Both are very simple to wire up with eldarion-ajax as of the 0.10.0 release.

Example of using a timeout:

<body data-timeout="2000" data-url="/fetch/content/" data-replace-inner=".alert">
    <div class="alert"></div>

This will fetch content from /fetch/content/ after 2 seconds and load it in the div.alert.

Example of using an interval:

<body data-interval="1000" data-url="/fetch/counter/" data-replace-inner=".counter">
    <div class="counter"></div>

This will fetch content from /fetch/counter/ every 1 second and load it in the div.counter.

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