Over the years, Eldarion has developed a lot of open source apps from the sites we build for ourselves as well as for our clients. Today we are starting the process of donating these apps to Pinax.

In many respects, this is just a formality as we've always considered them part of the Pinax ecosystem. However, this will make it clearer and create a clean separation between the community project that is Pinax and the commercial operation that is Eldarion.

We will likely not move all repos at once as we want to take this opportunity to refresh and update the apps to our latest standards, including getting new releases out where they are overdue. To track this we have created a public Trello board.

The following checklist will be used in this process for each open source project that we donate:

  • change license to match the Pinax standard of the MIT license
  • check the latest release on PyPI and cut new release if needed
  • make sure the project has the common template bits we have been installing
  • make sure Travis CI and Coveralls are hooked up
  • get Travis to green light if it is not already
  • publish docs on Read the Docs (even if all we have at the time is a skeleton)
  • if all we have is a skeleton of docs create an issue for writing docs
  • review pull requests and accept what we can without hesitation, respond to others if we need to discuss anything
  • change orgs in GitHub
  • make sure project is included in pinaxproject.com