Back in September we announced that we were donating lots of open source to Pinax. This will not be an overnight process. We will be taking a single app at a time and updating it to latest best practices as we move it over.

Back in 2012, we had started integrating SaaS applications, starting with Habitualist and then soon after that various client sites, with payment processing powered by Stripe. While Stripe's API is clear and concise, we needed to be able to track a lot of the data provided by the API locally as well as wrap some application logic around this data.

It only made sense to make an app for making Stripe integration easier for Django projects.

At the time of this writing there are 37 Watchers, 269 Stargazers, and 100 Forks. This has been a very successful open source app for us and it's obvious it has resonated well with others in the community.

We do have 28 Open Issues that need to be addressed, eight of which are pull requests that need to be reviewed or reworked. As part of the process of donating to Pinax we accepted as many Pull Requests as we could easily do without requiring any work on the effort of the submitter.