Back in September we announced that we were donating lots of open source to Pinax. This will not be an overnight process. We will be taking a single app at a time and updating it to latest best practices as we move it over.

metron turns 3 years old on October 28th, 2014. It's a pretty simple one that consists of a single template tag and template fragments. We built this from needs of our own sites as well as our clients to integrate different analytics services.

Instead of just copying the different embed codes into templates, we templatized the embed content for each service into a named template fragment and then renders it based on configuration data at the site level.

A big benefit of this model is that the settings data is indexed by SITE_ID enabling you to keep templates clean and keep the analytics code only displaying on our production site and out of local development.

In addition to just hooking up analytics services, metron is also ideal for for AdWords conversion tracking as well as providing an API for push activity back up to providers like mixpanel.