Based on six years of working with clients that run the range from startups, accelerators and established businesses, we have designed four consulting packages to make it even easier for entreprenuers and companies to take their ideas to launch, faster.

Since we started Eldarion back in 2009, our guiding vision has been to enable entrepreneurs and businesses to take their ideas to launch, faster.

With that in mind, Eldarion is introducing four consulting packages that streamline the process of writing proposals and project estimating. These packages all yield product foundations that are solid, well proven and most importantly, represent milestones that can be executed with speed and precision.

The packages we've put together are a good representation of the types of projects that we typically execute for our clients. Based on our years of experience and historical data on over 80 projects, our new consulting packages offer you the most efficient, productive way to engage with us from the very start. Visit our packages section for more details.

We're confident that these packages will work well for a wide variety of clients and projects. We acknowledge that every project is different and that project complexity may affect pricing and time constraints. Additional blocks of time can be purchased as needed or we can work with you to create a more custom package to better suit your needs. Nevertheless, these packages provide you with a range of clear options for getting your ideas launched faster than ever before.

Contact us today and let’s setup a time to talk about your project.