An open source project is a lot more than code—it's a community. And in the past, the Pinax core developers haven't done as good a job as they needed to on building a great community. I started to think about how Eldarion could help.

Pinax has been in continual use by Eldarion and many others since the project started in 2008 but recently there has been a real resurgence. Not only has Eldarion started contributing most of its open source Django apps to the Pinax project but there have been great code contributions from many other people as well.

In order to help build not just the code base, but the community as well, I decided that Eldarion should fund not just development, but a part-time community manager.

So I'm thrilled to announce that Anna Ossowski has joined us to focus on community management. Anna will be well known to many of you in the Python and Django communities. She is involved in PyLadies, DjangoGirls, the Python Software Foundation, the Django Software Foundation, and is helping organize DjangoCon next month.

Anna's passion for community made her an obvious choice and I'm really excited to see where the Pinax community is headed in the near future.