Eldarion CEO James Tauber talks to Network World about how being a lifelong learner makes him a better leader.

Ann Bednarz of Network World put together a fantastic article entitled, 12 Habits of Successful Tech CEOs and was kind enough to feature Eldarion founder, James Tauber as one of the CEOs.

James has always embraced the creative diversity of Eldarion's team members and continually encourages them to pursue their interests. While brief, the piece provides great insight into James' views on why he values lifelong learning and having varied interests.

The article is available with free registration with Network World. An excerpt on the section mentioning James is below:

Being a lifelong learner

James Tauber has completed more than 15 MOOCs over the last two years, tackling topics such as astronomy, molecular biology and musicology. He’s currently doing graduate-level studies in Ancient Greek, and he recently passed the first-level sommelier exam.

Continually learning new things makes him a better leader, says Tauber, who is founder and CEO of Eldarion, an incubator and open source web development agency.

“It has enabled me to be more adaptive to change and to identify common patterns that people with a more narrow focus of interests might miss,” Tauber says. “Through a broad base of knowledge, you can relate to many different types of people and perspectives, which means you can see more opportunities and are able to act on them.”