Eldarion continues its thought leadership through participation in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Eldarion is excited to be a founding member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project and organization dedicated to advancing the development of cloud native applications and services.

Today CNCF announced new members from across the industry, its formal open governance structure and new details about its technology stack.

To boil it down, the CNCF is dedicated to fostering the the creation of applications and services built with containers like Kubernetes, which we used to completely rebuild our Gondor PaaS offering.

During CoreOS Fest in May, the Kubernetes project generated quite a bit of interest. Based on what we learned there, Eldarion decided to begin prototyping Gondor components on Kubernetes. The capabilities native to Kubernetes made prototyping fast and efficient. Everything fit perfectly. We found it to be lean, portable, extensible and self-healing.

In terms of our role with CNCF, Eldarion has already made some contributions to the code base and will continue to contribute, as well as provide our input on technical decisions.

Granted, we’re smaller than many of the other founding members of this new foundation, which include Cisco, Docker, Huawei, Google and IBM, to name a few. But our experience with Gondor and Kubernetes opened our eyes to the importance of this technology. We’re proud to be able to contribute to its future adoption and growth.