This month Eldarion sponsored the Django Girls EuroPython 2016 workshop, which took place on July 17th in Bilbao, Spain.

Django Girls is a non-profit organization which organizes free one day workshops to teach women programming with Python and Django. The organization’s goal is to bring more women into the world of technology by showing them that building web applications is a lot of fun, and to spark their interest for programming.

25 women between the ages of 13 and 55 from all over Europe attended the Django Girls EuroPython 2016 workshop. They were supported by 10 coaches, who guided them through the Django Girls tutorial, helped them fix bugs, and answered any questions they had. The goal of the day was to build their very first Django blog application.

Eldarion supported the Django Girls EuroPython 2016 workshop by providing t-shirts for attendees, coaches, and organizers. We are happy and proud to have been a sponsor of this wonderful event. We believe that supporting women in technology is an important cause. If you would like to support Django Girls consider sponsoring one of their workshops or donating to their Patreon. Organizing a workshop in your city or coaching at a workshop close to you are also great ways to get involved. For more information, please see the Django Girls website or feel free to email our community manager Anna Ossowski.

For more photos of the workshop, please click here.