We've previously blogged about the project and still plan to explore a number of technical topics related to it in subsequent blog posts but this presentation gives an overview of the project.


The Scaife Viewer is a new open-source reading environment for the Perseus Digital Library, developed as part of the Open Greek and Latin Project. This seminar will provide a tour of the Scaife Viewer, explain the underlying architecture and technologies used, describe how texts can be prepared for inclusion, and how people can contribute to the code.


  • History and Motivation
  • UI Tour Part 1
  • The Text Pipeline
  • CTS, CapiTainS, and Nautilus
  • Architectural Overview
  • UI tour part 2
  • The Widget Architecture
  • Technologies used
  • Some code examples
  • How to Contribute
  • Roadmap for Future Work

If you're interested in digitial classics or digital humanities in general, it's well worth checking out SunoikisisDC as there's a really wonderful collection of talks and many have rich readings and exercises to do to really learn more about the topics.

And if you're a Django, Python and/or Vue.js developer, we'd love to see you join us on the Scaife project.