We are empowering educators to improve public education through evidence-based, data-driven, planning.

Leverage performance data to drive school improvement efforts and position all students across your state or district for success.

Eldarion worked with us to create a tool that went above and beyond our expectations. As a result, schools and districts in Tennessee now have access to a strategic planning tool that encourages cross-team collaboration and deep consideration of data and evidence to inform their work. We would recommend Eldarion’s services without hesitation.

We built School Improvement Planning (SIP) powered by Juice Analytics to give state education departments, districts and schools access to data to inform and drive decisions around educational planning.

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Schools and districts are charged with making strategic, evidence-based plans each year guided by key performance metrics defined by state educational agencies. At the same time, many schools and districts struggle to access and interpret performance data that is spread across multiple sources in various, incompatible file formats. Exacerbating the challenge is the lack of coordination and effective collaboration mechanisms needed to support planning between schools, districts, and states

This tool is designed to improve visibility into performance data so schools and districts can effectively monitor progress towards goals, compare progress to peers, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately, craft informed, focused strategic plans that drive annual school improvement efforts.


User Friendly Functionality
An interactive, flexible, and easy to use web-based platform that can be customized to support strategic planning at the state, district, or school level.

Powerful Data Dashboard
Administrators and planners can monitor overall school/district performance and drill down into detailed data for climate and access, educators, academic achievement, and college and career readiness.

Collaborative Data Analysis
Tools to capture, share, and discuss insights found in the data analysis, and serves as a central access point for digging into data reports released by the state.

Searchable Database
A searchable database of strategies supports idea sharing across districts and schools.

Streamlined Reporting
Reporting tools that seamlessly satisfy federal and state requirements.


  • Allows administrators and planners to use data more effectively to identify, understand, and prioritize performance gaps and needs
  • Provides schools and districts the tools to develop annual improvement plans with goals and strategies tied to key performance data
  • Enables a robust planning process where planners and reviewers can seamlessly go back and forth while building out complete improvement plans
  • Supports a collaborative approach at the school, district, or state level for improving student outcomes
  • Increases transparency and visibility of key performance metrics across schools and districts
  • Complies with state and federal regulations and requirements