A conference management solution from EldarionĀ®

EldarionĀ® offers convenient monthly pricing that includes basic customization, support and production hosting.

More advanced customizations including visual design and custom features are also available at an hourly rate.

Design and Management

  • Clean, modern looking default design
  • Content management system
  • Easy theming based on Bootstrap

Proposals Features

  • Multiple proposal types (e.g. tutorials vs talks vs posters)
  • Online proposal submission
  • Proposal field customization
  • Document attachment to proposals
  • Multiple-speaker proposal support
  • Proposal review with rating, comments and speaker interaction during the process

Other Features

  • Team management with bulk mailout to individual teams
  • Sponsorship management including multiple levels with different benefits
  • Speaker notification
  • Scheduling
  • Multiple sections within a conference (e.g. tutorial days vs main conference)

Some Conferences Using Symposion

PyCon USApacheCon NAPyData NYCCloudStack Collaboration