5 Reasons You Should Consider ReactJS

As the demands for richer experiences on the web have increased we've explored a lot of different solutions and have recently settled in on ReactJS.
Flora Worley10 November, 2016

Eldarion's Brian Rosner Speaks At DjangoCon US 2016

Last month Eldarion’s Chief Architect, Brian Rosner, spoke at DjangoCon US 2016.
Anna Ossowski18 August, 2016

Eldarion at DjangoCon US 2016 🔔

This year DjangoCon US was hosted in Philadelphia, PA, the city of brotherly love. Eldarion is proud to have been a part of this amazing conference.
Anna Ossowski27 July, 2016

Eldarion Sponsors Django Girls EuroPython 2016

This month Eldarion sponsored the Django Girls EuroPython 2016 workshop, which took place on July 17th in Bilbao, Spain.
Anna Ossowski27 July, 2016

Building Cloudspotting, Part 2

This post documents the step-by-step integration of Pinax applications pinax-likes, pinax-testimonials, and pinax-announcements into a Django project. Links throughout the text provide source and commit references on GitHub, including goofs made along the way.
Graham Ullrich24 May, 2016

3 Great Talks You Should Check Out at DjangoCon 2016

This summer in Philadelphia, PA there will be great talks delivered by three people that Eldarion is proud to count as part of our team. You should check these talks out!
Patrick Altman19 May, 2016

Building Cloudspotting, Part 1

This post documents a step-by-step guide to creating a Django project from scratch with a Pinax starter project and various Pinax apps. Links throughout the text provide source and commit references on GitHub, including goofs made along the way.
Graham Ullrich2 May, 2016

Moving Gondor to Kubernetes and CoreOS

Over the past six months, Eldarion has completely rebuilt Gondor, our PaaS offering, to give it much more power and flexibility. A couple of recently published articles provide more detail on what we've been up to.
Tom Bennett21 March, 2016

James Tauber On mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

James Tauber Talks 2016 App Dev Trends on mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog
Tom Bennett6 January, 2016

Eldarion Named Founding Member of Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Eldarion continues its thought leadership through participation in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
Brian Rosner17 December, 2015

Eldarion Client Hall & Partners Wins Two Awards for "The Hub"

Eldarion Client Hall & Partners was recently honored for their pioneering storytelling and engagement platform, “The Hub”.
Tom Bennett10 December, 2015

Eldarion Sponsors Django Girls Cologne Workshop

Last month Eldarion sponsored the Django Girls Cologne workshop, which took place on November 28th.
Anna Ossowski2 December, 2015