Eldarion Donates metron to Pinax

Back in September we announced that we were donating lots of open source to Pinax. This will not be an overnight process. We will be taking a single app at a time and updating it to latest best practices as we move it over.
Patrick Altman28 October, 2014

Donating to Pinax

Over the years, Eldarion has developed a lot of open source apps from the sites we build for ourselves as well as for our clients. Today we are starting the process of donating these apps to Pinax.
Patrick Altman23 September, 2014

ThoughtStreams for Teams and a Brand New Look for Gondor

September 2nd is the anniversary of J.R.R.Tolkien's death and, along with January 3rd (Tolkien's birthday), the traditional date for big Eldarion announcements. This year is no exception and we have exciting news about both our Python hosting service, Gondor, and our thought-streaming service, ThoughtStreams.
James Tauber2 September, 2014

How We Use Trello: Blockers

Our original post on How We Use Trello has been extremely popular and remains one of our most read posts on this blog. One aspect of our process that is critical for quality control and project flow is the proper use of blockers.
Patrick Altman26 June, 2014

How We Use Trello: An Update

It’s been over a year since we reported on our development process with How We Use Trello. While we are constantly looking for ways to improve, become more efficient and transparent, our process has stood the test of time.
Patrick Altman18 June, 2014

How We Work: Continuous Integration

We are big believers in continual improvement and gaining efficiencies at Eldarion. One way we achieve this is by integrating our code continually and upon doing so running test suite and lint checking.
Patrick Altman3 June, 2014

Sprint with Eldarion

Not only are we sponsoring PyTennessee this year but will be hosting a sprint. Instead of a typical sprint focused on a particular project we want to offer a range of projects to help developers from beginners to advanced.
Patrick Altman27 January, 2014

Gondor: Origins and 3rd Anniversary

Three years ago we announced Gondor to the world. Today we're moving Gondor forward by introducing multiple data centers. We also thought we'd take a look back.
Brian Rosner3 January, 2014

django-waitinglist, A Pre-Launch Toolkit

One of the older apps in our toolkit, django-waitinglist, is one of our more valuable pieces of software.
Patrick Altman6 August, 2013

Timeouts and Intervals in eldarion-ajax

Sometimes you want an AJAX request triggered by time. With eldarion-ajax it is as easy as setting a few attributes in your markup.
Patrick Altman23 July, 2013

bootstrap-ajax renamed to eldarion-ajax

A year ago, we published a library for doing declarative AJAX, called bootstrap-ajax. Recently, we renamed it to eldarion-ajax.
Patrick Altman12 July, 2013

Entry point hook for Django projects

The age old question of “How do I run code when Django starts?” may now be finally answered.
Brian Rosner14 February, 2013