Eldarion Partners with Rackspace

We've joined the Rackspace Cloud Tools Program and hope to be doing a lot more with Rackspace in the near future.
James Tauber22 March, 2011

Eldarion at PyCon 2011

As always, most of the Eldarion Team will be at PyCon this year. It's going to be a pretty big event for us.
James Tauber8 March, 2011

Gondor Hosting

We've been hosting our own sites and those of many of our clients since we started the company in 2009. But on January 3rd, we announced we were going to open that up for other Django developers.
James Tauber3 March, 2011

2010 in Review

What did Eldarion get up to in 2010?
James Tauber31 December, 2010

Welcome Jannis Leidel

I'm thrilled to announce that Jannis Leidel has joined the development team at Eldarion.
James Tauber1 July, 2010

My Techne: A Site for Recording Your Technology History

Last Thursday, I had an idea for a site. By Friday morning we'd launched the first version of My Techne, a site for recording and reminiscing about your technology usage history.
James Tauber6 April, 2010

Typeface Clustering Based on Typewar

Data from typewar can be used for some interesting experiments in hierarchical classification of typefaces.
James Tauber2 February, 2010

Eldarion and Massively Overrated Launch Typewar iPhone App

Eldarion and Massively Overrated have joined forces to work on combined Web/iPhone application development and today have launched a version of typewar for the iPhone and iPod touch.
James Tauber22 January, 2010

Typewar: Points and Levels

Part of what makes typewar addictive is the use of points and levels. This post explores how points are awarded and what the level boundaries are.
James Tauber20 January, 2010

Eldarion CEO Interviewed in Python Magazine

The October 2009 issue of Python Magazine features an interview with yours truly.
James Tauber16 December, 2009


Four weeks ago, we launched a little side project called typewar, which tests how well people know their typefaces. This is the first of a series of blog posts about the site and will explain how the site came about and why we did it. Later posts will go into some of the more interesting technical aspects behind the site.
James Tauber6 November, 2009

Eldarion Partners with OSWCO at National Banking Show

Eldarion is teaming up with OSWCO to promote open source Django and Pinax solutions at the Bank Administration Institute Retail Delivery show in Boston this week.
James Tauber2 November, 2009