5 Reasons to Hire an Agency

There are five key benefits of engaging an agency that we have learned from working with a number of startups and businesses of different configurations—from no technical staff to just a couple new engineers, or even full dedicated engineering teams.
Patrick Altman8 October, 2012

Habitualist and ThoughtStreams Launched

Last week we launched two new paid sites and we're taking a different approach to each of them. We also celebrated an anniversary.
James Tauber11 September, 2012

Gondor Unchained: No Longer just Django

Our leading Django hosting service, Gondor, is no longer just for Django.
James Tauber25 June, 2012

How We Work: Coping with Variability

Every engineering organization or company has their own unique way of doing things. Companies tend to start with processes and tools that are well known (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, Github-Flow, etc.) and perhaps tweak them to meet their specific needs and/or temperaments. Eldarion has done more than just tweak an established process.
Patrick Altman13 March, 2012

Eldarion at PyCon 2012

The Eldarion team are back at PyCon again this year.
James Tauber6 March, 2012

Recent Apps We've Open Sourced

In the last few months, we've open sourced a lot more of our Django apps and contributed them to the Pinax ecosystem.
James Tauber10 February, 2012

2011 in Review

2011 was the year Eldarion really got into the groove of taking ideas to launch faster—for our clients, our partners and ourselves. What did we achieve in 2011?
James Tauber31 December, 2011

If Your Website is for Teams, Implement Organizations

If a shared password is the only way for my team to use your service, you're doing it wrong!
James Tauber16 November, 2011

Typewar Quests

Two years ago, we launched what has turned out to be one of our most successful sites, Typewar. In the last couple of weeks we've been rolling out a major new aspect to the typeface-identification game: Quests.
James Tauber20 October, 2011

KodeNode: A Programming Language Chrestomathy

It was a week or so before DjangoDash 2011. As the major sponsor of the dash, we had made the decision to not compete, but we did want to have our own internal Dash. As usual, James had an idea—a programming language chrestomathy.
Patrick Altman12 October, 2011

How Eldarion Delivers Value to Clients with Gondor

Gondor was built over the past couple of years in response to Eldarion's needs as a web agency as well as the development of our own sites.
Patrick Altman19 September, 2011

We're Hiring Django Developers

We're looking to expand our team of contractors that help us to build great Django sites for our clients.
James Tauber9 May, 2011